Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reese Haniewich

This whole preschool thing is super fun. Mommy has all kinds of activities for me to do to keep me busy. We've only really gotten into some artsy activities... nothing really curriculum based. Next week we start working on letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. I can say my abc's but can only identify a handful of them, and same with my numbers (up to 13). I know all my shapes and colors (besides the weirdo ones like crescent and half circle). We're really excited to get started.

Yesterday's theme dealt with weather. Mommy helped me to create a weather station in my play room. The goal was to learn about sunny, cloudy, rainy, and windy weather. We started with rainy weather. What results from a yucky rainy day? Hopefully a pretty rainbow. We began by hand printing rainbow colors onto poster board, but I soon lost interest. Mommy ended up adding sponges and brushes of all kinds to keep me entertained until we reached purple.

Next... cloudy weather, which we've had a lot of lately. We took a medicine syringe filled with white paint and squirted it onto blue construction paper. Then we folded the paper in half and pressed. Add some google eyes, and you have a friendly little cloud.

Of course I took an artistic break and did my favorite puzzle.
And there was some play doh time of course.
Next we talked about sunny weather, and Mommy had me make a sun using cutouts of my hand.
Last but not least was the wind. I made a really cute windsock... I call it a windy sock. :)
Cute right?
During my "nap" (I say that because the last two days I've read in my bed for an hour, then Mommy comes and gets me because she doesn't want me to fall asleep too late... in fear of me not falling asleep when it's time for bed.), Mommy assembled the finished product, and I was so excited!
The "tool" at the very bottom is a paper plate divided into my four types of weather. Mommy made me an arrow glued to a clothespin, so I can change the weather according to the day. It's so fun!


Andria said...

So cool!!! That's a whole weather station. The wind sock is adorable!