Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There's a sty in my eye, and I'm about to die

Rachel here. For about the last year or so Reese has been prone to getting stys. They have been annoying at most. I took her to the ped. about 12 days ago to have him take a peak at a sty she had on her bottom right lid. It was very small, but it had been there since late June, and I was getting concerned. About 2 or 3 days before her appointment, she began to get another small sty on the same eye but under the lid... meaning "inside" the eye under the skin. The ped. gave us an antibiotic for the sty that was on her lid because he believed there was an infection because it had been there so long. The internal sty is a little different. Apparently we're supposed to give it about a month to heal. If it doesn't heal, he'll refer us to an opthamologist. Here I'm guessing the specialist would drain the sty. Sounds scrumptious doesn't it? The issue I'm having is the internal sty has tripled in size and is now a lovely shade of maroon. Needless to say we will be once again visiting our pediatrician this week. I just feel so awful for Reese. Our ped. said she's not dirty, but that she's just prone to them. Some children get them, and get them often, and others don't get them at all. It just sounds like Reese will get them often. She doesn't even know its there, which is great because everyone else definitely does. :(