Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And what about Deuce?

Rachel here. During all of this preschool craziness there is my sweet sweet Emma Grace. What's she doing during all of this besides looking adorable? :) She's doing some of the same things Reese is doing. It's no secret that my kids have more toys than FAO Schwartz, however, I've hidden most of EG's. During the mornings she only has access to the Montessori type toys. Toys that help her to work on coordination, trial and error, and cause and effect.

She also has a small collection of kitchen goods that she uses to make an obscene amount of noise with. :)

Reese was even nice enough to let her string some beads. These beads spent more time in Emma Grace's mouth than they did anywhere near the string.
This is EASILY Emma Grace's SECOND favorite toy. She's really good at it too. She loves stacking the circles... just not in any particular order yet.
This toy, which we bought from Big Lots at Christmas time because it was cheap and she needed one more present to be equal with Reese, is her FAVORITE TOY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. She loves putting the cookies in the milk and will have a panic attack if you don't open the lid and dump it fast enough, so she can do it all over again. :)
I included this picture because this expression made me laugh out loud. Ugh... I love my kids.

She also spends a great amount of time destroying my house, but I figure she's gotta be learning something while she's doing that too right? ;)