Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hokie Kid's Club

Yesterday was my very first autograph session with the football team. Mommy and Daddy signed me up for the Hoke Kid's Club this year. I have my very own membership card and t-shirt... super official. :) They got me a little pee-wee football for the players to autograph. I was excited... can you tell?
Emma Grace was oozing with excitement as well.

We got to get our picture taken with the one and only. This is the picture Mommy took, but the professional photographer was able to put a cool scene of Lane Stadium behind us on the computer... hence the green screen.
Here I am right before the mayhem started.
My VERY FIRST autograph!!! David Wilson. VERRRRRRY NICE GUY. Daddy says he is so polite and amazing he wants to marry him. Well not really, but he does wear a tie to class EVERYDAY. VERY CLASSY.
JuJu! Mommy thinks he is just the cutest! He's one of our backup quarter backs.
The Man. Ryan Williams.
Tyrod Taylor (our starting quarter back) whoopin' it up in front of the lady's room.
I was a super ham during the whole thing.
Darren Evans was a super cool guy too and has crazy skills. Check out the video below... HYSTERICAL.

My last clients... there's Logan Thomas... another of our qbs.
I just love my little football. Mommy and Daddy are going to put it in a little case for me to keep in my room.

I think my favorite autograph of the entire day though was this guy:


Erin said...

Dear Reese,
I am super duper jealous.