Saturday, January 1, 2011

18 months old

Emma Grace Emma Grace Emma Grace... oh how I love this child. She is honestly the most inquisitive, sweet, mischievous child ever. While she turned 18 months December 19th, we don't have her appointment until Monday... we should have all measurements then. Other than that I can tell you she appears to be your everyday run of the mill 18 month old. She's little miss independent in every way possible. She doesn't want help doing anything... she's been working specifically on walking down the stairs while holding onto the railing and getting dressed by herself. She's become interested in puzzles and can match where the pieces go on Reese's M&D puzzle (but can't get them in all the way), and she's just about perfected all of her shape sorters.

Emma Grace is sooooooo verbal it's frightening. As honest as I'm sitting here she knows WAY MORE words than I'm going to list here. In fact after this, I'm done with the lists because I can not keep up. I understand about 95% of what she says, which is such a relief to me. Not only can I understand her, but she completely understands us... awesome squared. She's also beginning to string 2 words together. Okay here is the list... bump (after which she gives you a fist bump), cow (and moos), her favorite favorite thing to say is puppy dog (and barks), peepaboo (peekaboo), shhhh (fish), mines (mine), again, bobot (robot), kikky kat (and meows), chair, ticka ticka (tickle), duck (stuck), yee haw, paper (newspaper), dessed (dressed), wa-er (water), tee (tree), welcome (which she says instead of thank you), dankdo (thank you, which she says but not when she's supposed to), nake (snake), fower (flower), what?, ogur (yogurt), what happen? (ed), boo (blue... which she can identify), bag, hit, coke (coat), empty, boop (boot), monk (monkey), cayon (crayon), ride, nack (snack), ho ho (Santa), pu-er (computer), pig, Yek (Shrek), dunkay (donkey), whoa!, Winton (Winston), Gangy (Grandaddy), Gampa (Grandpa), brocci (broccoli), pyate (plate), pants, hands, ince (prince), incess (princess), nightgown, mimi mess (big big mess), and so so so much more. She knows where all of her facial features are including teeth and hair... we've also added hands, feet, and toes.She loves painting, playing play doh, playing dress up, BOOKS, doing everything Reese does, baths, eating... but not at the table, her lovie and blanket, most fruits, going to timeout with Reese, and baby dolls.
She hates most veggies, and when you tell her no (she's begun FULL ON temper tantrums... awesome).
Potty training. We brought out Reese's old potties, and EG LOVES to sit on them... especially when Reese is using the big potty. EG tells us when she has to go potty or is going a good chunk of the time but has yet to actually go on the potty herself. We'll take it as it comes...