Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Rachel here. I thought I should update you on our little Sybil... I mean Reese. :) This girl has my heart. I've never known someone whom I love with all that I am and still want to jab my own eyes out by the end of the day because of her antics. I mean look at that face. That is the face of a child who is so energetic, lovable, loving, adventurous, smart, caring, sensitive, creative, warm, and NAUGHTY. My only excuse is she's 3. Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone in dealing with her shenanigans, and then I talk to friends. GREAT FRIENDS... who are also GREAT PARENTS... and I find out Reese is just like their children... who happen to be GREAT CHILDREN. It's then I don't feel so bad. :)

The biggest thing going on with Reese right now is Montessori school. SHE LOVES MONTESSORI SCHOOL! And I love that she loves it so much. Every day I ask her what she did today at school, and she tells me VERY little. She's extremely private... it's very intriguing. I finally got a glance into the world of Reese this morning. We were supposed to have gotten 4-6 inches of snow today (we didn't get anything but freezing rain!), so I left to pick Reese up early once I saw the weather was getting questionable. By the time I got to school there was a break in the sleet, so Emma Grace and I made ourselves at home. There weren't many children there this morning, so EG was able to "play" with some of the work on the shelves. Reese was interested in us one minute and then went on about her business the next. It was really neat to see her in her element. She was all over the place, doing different things... she's very loud... one thing her teacher had mentioned, but holy moses. She is just so excited all the time... she can hardly be quiet. :) I saw her parallel playing with others, learning Spanish, working on her one-on-one math lesson... it was really neat. As much as Bryan and I weighed the pros and cons of putting Reese into preschool, today more than put our minds at ease. I'm so happy with where she is... I'm so happy we're where we are... I'm just so happy for my little girl and how much she's learning and growing.