Wednesday, January 26, 2011

19 months old

Rachel here. Our sweet girl turned 19 months on the 19th. She is a piece of work... just like her sister... and I suppose just like me... congrats Bryan. :) She's the smiliest little thing ever... but occasionally the terrible 2's do rear their ugly heads. Luckily she bounces back quickly, and all is right with the world again.

Her language continues to boom. She's putting 2 and 3 words together. Just yesterday she looked at me holding the newspaper... "Daddy... paper... at work." AKA... Daddy's newspaper... he's at work. The word "daddy" is usually followed with the word "work" these days... sadly. Emma Grace is hitting all of her milestones nicely, and we're working on colors and shapes with her. She knows star and circle, and the colors orange and blue. She loves doing anything/everything her sister does... which is great. She's constantly trying things that Reese didn't until later in development. Unfortunately that means that she has lots of bumps and bruises, but fortunately... she's a smart little thing.Each night now for the last couple of weeks, she's asked to go potty. This usually means that she just likes to sit on it... not do anything... just sit and relax. Night before last, she actually sat on the potty and went pee! Sadly Reese was in and out of timeout, and I didn't even realized she peed until the next day. LOVELY. Then last night she repeated her deed but this time she did both businesses on the rug next to her potty... she's a work in progress. :) We love out little bean!