Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holy snowfall Batman!

The day after Christmas we woke up to text messages and phone calls from both Nana and Grandpa's camps. It was snowing in Tidewater. Now normally... snow wouldn't be an issue... but it's Tidewater. ;) Our original plan was to head out upon wakeup, but we held out a few hours to see what the weather would do. It didn't get any better, so we decided to leave around lunch time and ford the river. It was an adventure for sure, but we made it with no issues and were soon able to celebrate with Nana and Pop. We were once again spoiled with gifts and kisses. Nana and Pop were even spoiled and were able to witness my extreme desire to become poltergeist at a moment's notice... good times. :)
14+ inches and Emma Grace anything but loved the snow. Mommy took more pictures of her crying than not. :( One day though... she'll love it just like me!See!
Seriously? Could this be any better? :)