Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm on fire!

Rachel here. Reese is currently at preschool... she's there 'til 1230. Emma Grace, however, eats lunch around 11. She just finished up. What did she have? Annie's mac and cheese, green beans, and pineapple chunks. Yum. Except I knew she wouldn't eat the green beans without ketchup, so I laced the mac and cheese with some of my leftover carrot puree from last night.

After scarfing down the mac and cheese and pineapple, she stared at her green beans just smiling at me. Since she ate my sneaky carrots, I gave her a little bit of ketchup and got her to eat about 3 green beans... she earned it. :)

P.S. Along with the carrot puree in the french toast from last night, I also snuck in some flaxseed. Reese's eye doc thought that could PERHAPS help with her sty issues. She hasn't had one since the dreaded one from this summer, but we're willing to try anything nonetheless.