Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A white Christmas

Christmas was awesome this year!!!! Not only did Santa leave us some really great gifts (as did the parentals), but we also...
... woke up to a white Christmas! It snowed all day. It was BEAUTIFUL!We got some really amazing gifts, and are so very thankful. Mommy, Daddy, and Santa surely spoiled us this year.The famous cape. I thought it was alright. The baby sister, however, loves it. The only time I've played with it was yesterday when I made Mommy wear it... because she was the bad superhero. I was the good super hero, so I got to wear my blankie. Awesome.Exchanging gifts with Mommy and Daddy. I picked them all out on my own. For Daddy... a remote control car, so we could cruise together. And for Mommy... two VT shirts... one of which was an orange and maroon "Hello Kitty" shirt. :) Oh and the man in red ate ALL of our cookies and left a beautiful letter! Holy moly!!!!The next day we left for the Holidays back in Tidewater. It's a Christmas marathon Charlie Brown! :)