Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paging Anderson Cooper...

Rachel here. Bryan and I got away this past weekend to celebrate my birthday a little early. Reese was still having a few minor issues with being sick, and I woke up sick as a dog Thursday night, but we had the trip planned for weeks... so we dropped the girls off at the grandparent's house, forded the river, and crossed our fingers.

We ventured to Asheville, North Carolina to visit The Biltmore Estate (I continued to be sick the ENTIRE WEEKEND)... which is the largest home in the United States belonging to the Vanderbilts . OMG doesn't even begin to describe this place. It was the most amazing home ever. Sadly they wouldn't allow photos inside, which is probably a good thing because I would have had hundreds of photos to sift through. Instead here are some photos that we were able to walk away with. :)

We ate our lunch in the old horse stables... it was really neat!
After lunch we toured the grounds, which were GORGEOUS. I was a little sad that we weren't there in spring because the gardens are supposed to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL when in bloom.
Thank you B for a GREAT weekend... minus me being sick... away from home. :)