Tuesday, December 6, 2011

18 wks

9 weeks...
14 weeks...18 weeks...
Rachel here. Today I'm officially 18 weeks. We're looking at a "baby" the size of a baked potato or a green/red pepper! Not too much has changed since last besides my waist line. I'm up 5 lbs from the day we found out we were pregnant. At one point I was up 6. The baby is moving like a crazy fetus. I'm still having Rhinitis issues. JOY! Sadly you just get used to it. I'm not craving anything special. If I could though, I'd eat greek spaghetti from The Cellar EVERY SINGLE NIGHT... sadly an addiction like that just isn't in the budget. ;) I'm still beyond exhausted most days... something that I'm sure won't go away until I have no children in the house.... or at least until they are in high school and appreciate the art of sleeping in. Sleeping is getting to be uncomfortable. HA right?! I'm just about half way... so much more uncomfortableness on the way. Luckily my husband is awesome and enjoys sleeping on the couch. During pregnancies he tends to spend the entire duration on the couch... so that I can thrash about and carry on without annoying him. Plus he snores... that keeps me up... then I don't sleep... which means I'm peeing more often... it's just a mess. AND it's great on his back to boot... go figure.

The girls are BEYOND excited about the baby... as long as it's "a baby girl princess." Emma Grace often puts her head on my belly and whispers sweet nothings to it and kisses it. Something Reese never did... she was younger and just didn't get it. Every time Reese gets over a stuffed animal or toy she says the baby can have it. It's cute.

The next appointment is January 9th... after the Sugar Bowl... of course. :) And we have the big sex reveal this Friday... oh the excitement! :)


Andria said...

Will you tell your loyal blog readers what you find out in the ultrasound? please? please? :)