Monday, December 12, 2011

Shared Space

Rachel here. The girls, Laverne and Shirley, are officially roommates... as of last night. This weekend we put the finishing touches on their shared space, and we're all thrilled with how it turned out. All of their stuff has always coordinated, so it made for a super easy transition. Right now they are sharing OBVIOUSLY because we'll be adding another person to the family, but since the girls are close in age, I've always hoped they would share a room... grow up together... share secrets. In fact... the new house will have MORE THAN ENOUGH bedrooms, but they will still share a room... until they get sick of one another. :)

Our house is not very big, so it's super important to use all of our space wisely and still make it look plenty big enough for potential buyers. Here is the girls' new closet. All of Emma Grace's belongings are on the left, and all of Reese's are on the right. EG's clothing has pink hangers and Reese's has white hangers. Super helpful when putting clothes away.It was super important to make sure there was just as much Emma Grace in the room as Reese, so all of EG's decorations have been added here and there the last few months.The final move wasn't to take place until we had the proper bedding. Luckily Gunner had a set of bunk beds when he was younger, and Dad and Kate wanted them out of their house. :)Here's what our hand-me-down looked like Friday afternoon.And then again Sunday night...The dresser is also divided in half. EG on the left... Reese on the right. (All of the random baby doll paraphernalia will be hidden in under bed storage once we begin showing the house.)

Reese's shoes on the right... EG's on the left.I think they like it. And it took them over an hour and a half to fall asleep last night... even with no naps... little chatty Kathies. :)