Monday, December 12, 2011


Rachel here. I'll spare you all the little Christmas details/decor... but a blog is not a proper blog without a Christmas prep post... so here it goes. :)

Our tree... lopsided, sliding lights that leave huge gaping unlit holes, and ornaments that are constantly being relocated thanks to 4 adorable little hands.Our snowman refrigerator... thank you Pinterest. :)And all of the pleasant adventures of BobNewhart. Last year he was extremely well behaved. This season he started of quite the same... and then really began to show his true colors. Truth be told... he's kind of a pest. :)

Riding the nativity camel...
Dyeing our milk... GREEN...Toilet papering our bathroom...Sugar snow angels...SHENANIGANS...The kidnapping of baby Jesus...If you click on this picture, you can see the chocolate around the little glutton's mouth.Receiving a good talking to for all the shenanigans. Why do I feel like it won't work? :)


Andria said...

Bob Newhart is hilarious!!!