Monday, December 12, 2011

Just words

Rachel here. There are so many little things I've been meaning to blog about and just haven't found the energy to do so... so here it is... and all of it is AMAZINGLY interesting... ahem.

1. EG... my peanut butter and jelly sandwich is ridiculously adorable. She's a little carbon copy of Reese in every way, shape, and form except for her tender heart. If someone other than me reprimands her... she is a melting puddle of tears. Emma Grace loves dress up with what I've decided is an unhealthy passion. She's knee deep in the phase where she completely takes on the persona of said outfit and demands being called by various names... not Emma Grace. :)

She's completely potty trained, and goes naps without a pull up. We tried overnight for about a week and noticed something intriguing. At bedtime EG is a sweater. Her undies and jammies would be slightly damp in the morning but blankets and other things would be spared. We couldn't tell if she was sweating super badly or if she was maybe leaking just enough to dampen her bedtime clothes. Needless to say she still wears pull ups at bedtime and wakes up completely dry for weeks on end, but every once in a while she'll be wet. Not too shabby Emma Grace! She'll soon be 2.5... SAY WHAT?!... and I'll be posting a cute comparison pic of her and her sister at 2.5... stay tuned.

2. Reese... ugh 4 year olds. I would say Reese is ridiculously pleasant 85% of the time. Kind to her sister, plays well, super helpful around the house... a really sweet girl... amazingly creative... I could go on and on. And then she remembers she's 4. The child can be sassy (very mild but still enough to get under my skin... I think the most inappropriate things she's said was "i said... blah blah blah..." with an attitude.), VERY whiny... oh the whining... crybaby whining, she can be VERY EMOTIONAL... and Emma Grace is picking up on it... at times I literally want to lock myself in the room and cry because I just can't take it... she will lose all self control and scream and cry over NOTHING. It'll be intriguing when we have 3 little girls with overly emotional tendencies. And the shrill screaming... I can't even comment... I'm having flashbacks.

As far as her recovery... the child is a tank. She was up and at 'em about 24 hours after surgery... even bending over! Bryan and I would cringe every time she did it. She bounced back quickly... too quickly. Doc's orders... no outside/playground play for 2 weeks. She's been quite unpleasant to live with the last two weeks due to FAR TOO MUCH energy being pinned up in her little body. Today I finally broke down and took her in to school early to play outside... we're 3 days shy of 2 weeks, but heaven help us all if she's cooped up for 5 more minutes. The tape on her belly started falling off this morning, so I just pulled it off. She has a belly button! It's nuts! It's still pretty crusty, so I'll spare a photo for now.

3. Bryan... is beyond busy at work... trying to get some projects done before the holiday season slaps us in the face. He's such a hard worker. We're still working on projects at home, and I know we're both feeling pressured to get them done before our listing deadline... so weekends are pretty packed with house stuff, but we both are keeping our eyes on the prize. He's mainly feeling the brunt because seriously... I can't do too much... mainly cleaning for me. He's been a GREAT help in the evenings when he gets home. Cooking dinner and helping to entertain the kids on my yucky days. I love him.

4. Me... besides issues first thing in the morning... I'm starting to perk up, which is a huge relief. I'm still an awful snacker, but the nausea throughout the day has really tapered off in the last few days... nearly 19 weeks later. Perhaps I'll get some cleaning/organizing/packing done now!

I told you... deep stuff. :)