Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3 months old

 Hello world!  I'm 3 months old... woot woot! :)  While I don't have a well visit until 4 months, Mommy has informed me that I'm a whopping 12.8 lbs.  Say what?!  Perhaps I should pay attention to those love handles like the mama. ;)  I'm busting out of my size 1 diapers... Mommy and Daddy are pushing it, and I have very few 0-3 month clothing I can still fit into. 
 Some things have changed this past month.  I can now fall asleep in my swing!  Hallelujah!  AND I kind of like the front carrier.  Still a no go on the paci... suckers!
 I'm eating TONS still, but I'm quite content between feedings.  Mommy feeds me, and then I love to be turned outward sitting up, so I can see the world.  I can sit like that for hours... literally... as long as you catch me in time to eat again or to be put in my swing before I get fussy from exhaustion.  Mommy still hasn't paid much attention to how often she feeds me, but if she had to guess... probably about every 3 hours from 7am to 7pm.  I go down for bed a little after 7.  Mommy can expect to me to wake back up within the hour for a little snack, and then I'm good until about 3 am... and then down until about 730.  There have been a hand full of times though that I've gone 12+ hours... Mommy can sense it coming... uninterrupted SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! :)
 I'm smiling and cooing up a storm and love to play with my sisters.  Tummy time is still a joke, but I love my Bumbo, so Mommy knows my neck is getting stronger and stronger.
 I'm so cute... I could eat myself up. ;)
And for your viewing pleasure...


Andria said...

That is one adorable girlie!