Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Here's the rundown: 
~ Wk 1 (8 wks pp) 140.8 lbs (Now don't get me wrong... 140 is NOT an awful weight by any stretch of the imagination... HOWEVER... I'm 5 ft 4ish, and it's just not cute.)
~ Wk 3 (11 wks pp) 142.4 (ROCK ON!)
~ Wk 4 (12 wks pp) 138.7 (AWESOME!  I was so excited about the loss that I ate an entire frozen pizza last night... by myself.  Clearly I have a lot to work on. HA!)
~ Points allowed per day 29 (This is based on the OLD WW point system. I've not really been keeping up with point tracking... oh the time it takes!  I'm also quite nervous about my milk supply.  Seeing as how I pumped 15 oz this morning, I think I need to relax, but it's still something I need to keep an eye on.  I've been drinking way more water than usual, not snacking just to snack, and I've been using a smaller plate to control portion sizes.  I think I can... I think I can...)


Andria said...

Good work! You're awesome!

But I think I'm equally blown away by the fact that you pumped 15 ounces. What?! I can get, like, three. No wonder Berkley has so much adorableness to squeeze.