Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shark week

So we've been experiencing a bit of a phenomenon around here.  Shark week to be frank.  It all started when I went to the dentist back in June for my 6 month check up.  My dentist apparently mentioned to Mommy and Daddy that my two middle bottom teeth were SLIGHTLY loose... like you wouldn't have known at all unless you were a dentist.  Mommy was told that they would MORE THAN LIKELY be gone  come fall.  Fast forward to the week we lost power and had to venture to Tidewater to seek refuge around July 4th.  I was eating a marshmallow and noticed it was turning RED... FREAK OUT time.  Mommy looked in my mouth and noticed that I had two ADULT teeth BARELY popping through and that my teeth were WAY LOOSER than they had been a mere month earlier.  OY VEY.  Then recently Mommy had been noticing my two baby teeth moving further and further apart.  She felt she REALLY needed to pull my looser of the two teeth out, so that I wouldn't swallow it.  Not to mention I was starting to look like a crazy West Virginian with severe teeth issues. ;)  Here's a before of the shenanigans....
 And an after!  After QUITE A BIT of coaxing, I let Mommy pull my tooth.  It was amazing.  I cried and cried and cried, and then Mommy did it, and it was AWESOME.  I didn't even realize it was out!  Looking at my face, it's the middle bottom tooth on the left... I know it's hard to tell with my adult tooth already there.

 The tooth fairy gave me a dollar bill WITH FAIRY DUST on it and an Eisenhower dollar for safe keeping.  It was so cool, and now I can't wait for the second one to come out!
 Berkley was excited for me too. :)
Did I mention I'm not even 5 yet!?  People have been asking Mommy if my baby teeth came in earlier than usual for me to be loosing them so early.  Nope... I didn't get my first tooth until about 10-11 months old.  I'm just gifted like that. ;)