Monday, July 2, 2012

Rolls for miles...

Look who's 2 MONTHS OLD!  HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!  It's me Berkley. :)
I have no statistics for you on this fine fine day because I haven't had my 2 month appointment quite yet.  We're supposed to make an appearance tomorrow morning, but that's an ENTIRELY different post.  Oy.
 So basically I'm cute and chubby.  I mean seriously... LOOK AT THAT FACE! 
 As far as milestones... Mommy has been giving me some time in my Bumbo.  I heart it.  I don't like tummy time all that much... I mean who does really?  So Mommy was a bit hesitant to let me sit in my chair, but I LOVE it!  It's a whole new world up here!

 I love:  eating, snuggling, pooping, bathing, the ceiling fan, smiling, cooing, and being entertained by my family members... especially my sisters.

There aren't many things I don't like... well... the paci still, and Mommy hasn't even attempted the swing again.
 The logistics.  My bedtime has gotten earlier and earlier these days.  I'm officially in bed around 730, with a wake up anywhere from 2-5, and then up again around 7 or so.  Mommy put me to bed last night around 900, because we were traveling, and I'm STILL asleep (however I'm busy blogging... intriguing!)... it's 8am.  My first feeding of the day is a 2 oz bottle of Mommy's milk (so she can pump... 2 oz in my belly, while she pumps anywhere from 10-12oz depending on when I've gone down for bed and if I wake up for a midnight snack), and then she nurses me when I'm done.  No clue on how many times she feeds me each day... perhaps she should  pay attention to that one... HA!  But just know that I have rolls in different area codes... for realsies. :)  Oh I'm a GREAT little traveler too.  I used to scream and scream when it was time to go anywhere, but not anymore... I've learned that car can be PRETTY soothing.  I can sleep for hours and hours in that thing, but once those evening hours roll around 4-7... I'd rather be snuggling/nursing with Mommy.  It's been a pretty good month!

I'll be back soon with stats!