Monday, July 2, 2012

Adventures in babysitting... errr... I mean Iowa!

Rachel here.  After our whirlwind tour of the Midwest, we arrived in Iowa Sunday evening (June 17th) and IMMEDIATELY hit up the Happy Joes for my favorite pizza of all time. We finally arrived to my Grandma Nita's house a bit after 8pm... much too late to call Grandma Betty for plan making for the following day.  No problem... I'll call her in the morning.  Before I could call, however, my dad called to tell me she had passed away hours earlier.  It was DEVASTATING to say the least.  I'd like to save more words on this for a proper post, but I wanted to share some pictures from the more positive moments of our trip.  

Berkley meets Grandma Nita!  Berks was cranky during her normal evening hours and not being on our own couch to snuggle seemed to rile her up.  Gma was a good sport nonetheless. :)

 The girls got in some observing of the local sanitation engineering at it's best.
 We hit up the Field of Dreams... again... for the 8,409,375,134th time... because well... that's what we do.

It was nice to be able to take much needed breaks when we could.  Until next year dear sweet Iowa... until next year.