Monday, July 2, 2012

We've moved to Suffolk...

... well, for the week anyway.  Rachel here.  We were hit with some killer storms Friday night.  So killer that we've been out of power ever since.  We lost power Friday night around 10 pm, had to move EG's party to Riner, got B's parent's generator to revive our fridge, and lost the last bit of hot water yesterday.  Then it was released that we wouldn't be getting power back until Wednesday or Saturday.  Having a 2 month old in over 100 degree temps just didn't sound appealing to me AT ALL, so I began packing to head east to my dad's house.  We left the generator with the elderly couple across the street, who ironically seemed more intrigued that they could now watch "I love Lucy" than they were that they could now plug in a lamp and use their own fridge if they wanted to.  HA!  We got here last night only to hear there was another bunch of storms to hit the area again.  Bryan's Mom sent these photos of the damage done to their property about an hour from Bburg.

It's just madness.  I'm thankful we were able to escape the heat thanks to friends and family!