Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Yeah... I know... It's the end of July, and yes we are actually just now celebrating our daddy.  Truth of the matter is... we've been ridiculously busy with anything and everything.  We were traveling on Father's Day to Iowa, and then the week turned into preparing for Grandma Betty's funeral that we really just lost time and energy.  Friday though we took Daddy out for a yummy dinner.  Sunday brought on the rest of the celebration with hand drawn pictures by me, an adventure to the driving range, and then yummy frozen yogurt at the Frosty Parrot.  While we love our daddy each and every day, it's nice to take out ONE SPECIAL day to show him how much we really care about him... even if it's not the same day the rest of the world does. :)  We love you Daddy!