Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dolphins, Whales, and Beer... OH MY!!

It must be Sea World!!! The second day we were in Orlando was dedicated to Sea World. When Mommy told Daddy this was an Anheiser Busch park... his face lit up like a Christmas tree. :) We began our adventure visiting some dolphins.

Isn't the water BEAUTIFUL! It was nearly 100 degrees, so needless to say it would have been enjoyable to jump in with him. :)On our way to Daddy's favorite place... the hospitality room... we stumbled upon one of the Clydesdales. Isn't he gorgeous. Mommy liked the little flowers on his head. :)
Here I am taming baby Shamu. (Rachel here... is this picture not ADORABLE!!! She's at a fun little age and oh so smiley!!)
I'm not quite sure how Shamu is chillin' in the hot sun out of water, but I'm glad I got a picture with him. :)Daddy and I hit up the carousel next. It was super fun. This was the only ride I was allowed to ride on even though I'm practically tall enough for a couple of the kiddie rides. Something about me being an infant and all. Whatevs...
We were sure to see the famous Shamu show. I was extremely tired by this point, but was just able to hang in there! All in all... it was a jolly good show! (There were A LOT of British people there at Sea World... I may picked up a titch of their lingo.) :)