Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fountains and Baskets

Daddy's training ended around lunchtime Thursday, so we were off once again. I have a tendency to turn into a pumpkin around 7ish, so we stopped our voyage home in Charleston, SC. We woke up early Friday morning and meandered around the town. Mommy fell in love. It was beautiful there... fountains, flowers, and mansions everywhere.Mommy made Daddy take his shoes off and take me into one of the fountains. I'm sure he has some foot eating disease now, but we got a cutie picture. :)Mommy will probably have that exact same foot eating disease herself, so all is well with the world again.
We made sure to go to the city market. Charleston's city market is known for their hand woven baskets. Mommy would have had to sell her kidney for one of those baskets, so she settled for a small wreath and two koozies... orange and maroon of course. :) We were definitely running low on funds, so the rest of the early afternoon was dedicated to taking pictures of the city and we were back in the mountains of Virginia just in time... I was bordering that whole pumpkin time. :)


Anonymous said...

why, oh, WHY did you come to Charleston while we were out of town!!! I am so SAD now!!!!!!!!!!!! :(