Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Ritz

Yes you read correctly... The Ritz. I mentioned before that we were in Orlando because Daddy was there for business. We realize that we are VERY lucky to be able to go to these with Daddy because it allows us to go on some otherwise unaffordable vacations. Mommy loves going to these with Daddy because she gets to bathe in all of the benefits. One such benefit... staying at the Ritz Carlton. :)

That my friends was the view from our hotel. AMAZING... need I say more?

Mommy made sure to take me to that amazing pool. It was my first time in a grownup pool. Nice and refreshing are the perfect words to explain that pool. Mommy didn't let me out of the little floaty though... she's such a scaredy cat. :)

I had another first here at the Ritz. My first big girl bath!!! Look how little I look in the GIANT tub!!! Mommy had to laugh.