Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Father's Day

Mommy came back from Ocean City on Father's Day. I was so excited because that meant it was time to give Daddy all of the great gifts I had been working on.

Mommy helped me to make my own card, but all I really wanted to do was...

...put the new crayons in my mouth. They were tastey!

We wanted to start a little tradition for Daddy. Every year for Father's Day, we're going to make a print of my little feet to show how much I've grown every year. Mommy and I went shopping and picked up a blank pre-stretched piece of canvas and Mommy went to town. Eventually, she said, I'll be able to paint the whole thing myself, but she was nice enough to help me out this year. Of course she started with HOKIE colors to make an orange and maroon heart for me. She gladly handed it over to me and let me go at it.
She painted me all up... and here was our final product:
Daddy also got two books to read to me about daddies, and we made him a stepping stone for his vegetable garden with my handprint.
I love you very much Daddy. You're the best!