Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hey there BooBoo

This past weekend Daddy took me camping. Well, not let's pack up the car... hike 3 miles... build a fire and kill our dinner kind of camping. It was more let's set up the tent in the backyard... set up the chiminea... roast some marshmallows for dessert and sleep outside kind of camping. And it was SO MUCH FUN.

While I humored Mommy and Daddy and did in fact roast my own marshmallow, I really just wanted to eat the marshmallow normally.

I got as far as licking the s'more... but I don't think it bothered Mommy and Daddy much because Daddy inhaled (and later a groundhog inhaled) my leftovers. :)
(Rachel here... could I have picked a better father of my children? He camps, he reads them stories before bed, he changes diapers... I've even seen the poor guy drink pretend coffee from Reese's tea set. Now if I could just get him to rub my feet.)
Daddy and I stayed up late to watch the planes fly overhead before bed.
After all the fun, we decided to call it a night and snuggle. Would you believe I made it ALL NIGHT?
Thank you Daddy for being such an amazing male role model in our lives. I love you so much. While I may not remember all of these crazy things you and Mommy make us do and do with us, Mommy takes enough pictures that I'm sure we could recreate each story in detail. More than anything I know these are amazing memories for you, so I'm willing to humor you. ;) Love you Daddy!