Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Basic cable

Rachel here. Long story short... Bryan and I canceled cable. Well... sort of. We reduced our ridiculously expensive time consuming garbage filled package to... basic... bum bum bum. It was traumatic at first but has proven to be a blessing. Instead of watching "The Real Housewives of" insert tragic city here... or "Teen Mom"... I've pulled weeds, gone through a ridiculous amount of ridiculous things that we own and purged, and I've managed to finish some projects around here that I just "didn't have the time" for. LAUGHABLE. Truth is we have TONS of things to get done around here before listing the house in less than a year, and the only way to get motivated for me was to get rid of the #1 distraction around here. Two projects I've managed to start/finish have been for the girls. First, I finally started collecting mini items for the girls' alphabet box. Each box houses a different letter... of which is filled with items that begin with that letter. It'll be what I use when teaching Emma Grace her letter sounds. For Reese I made little baskets... this works much nicer, takes up less space, and is more permanent. Reese likes to pull all the drawers out and play with the different items. I have a long way to go in finding items, but here is what our "B" drawer looks like so far:

I'm also using it to house some of our other printed materials like the girl's moveable alphabet cards.
Which was another project needing to be completed! FINALLY the moveable alphabet is finished. It's amazing how much effort it didn't take to finish... just needed the motivation.
Here's to getting things done around here! :)


Heather said...

we've been tossing that idea around for months now! I have a feeling we'll be following in your footsteps pretty soon!