Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mommy-Reesie Time

Rachel here. Reese has been up to some quirky little habits. Habits which include doing naughty things to get attention. Granted the habits are hardly worth talking about, but they are annoying little habits that are causing some shenanigans at school. After talking with her teachers, we came to the conclusion that she is quite possibly doing these things to seek some extra attention from Bryan and me... mostly me. Emma Grace is requiring more of my attention these days because she's turned into quite the learning sponge. We're constantly praising her for great things she is doing and learning, and we think Reese is feeling left out. I've been working on a schedule for us to "follow" during the days Reese doesn't have preschool and for this summer. I was sure to work in some special Mommy-Reesie time after her quiet time, while EG is napping. We started Mommy-Reesie Time yesterday with making treasure boxes. Bryan is a big Wild Turkey fan, although I don't think he's consumed any in quite some time, and has been given gift sets for various holiday gifts. While we were working on cleaning out the garage last weekend, he decided to store the liquor and get rid of some of the wooden boxes. I thought these would be great for little keepsake boxes for the girls, so a recycling we went. :) Lovely wooden boxes + some glue and tacky jewels... and VOILA! Mine!

Once Emma Grace woke up from nap, I took her aside and worked with her on her box. Here are our finished products!

The girls were so excited to wake up this morning and find they were dry. Reese has already started filling hers with random goodies.