Monday, April 18, 2011

22 months... abbreviated...

Rachel here. In celebration of Emma Grace turning 22 months tomorrow, I converted her bed to a toddler bed! Well the 22 month turning, and the fact that I'm not watching tv or vegging on Facebook for a week in hopes of getting things done around here. My plan was to go through EG's clothes, box up the winter stuff I wanted to keep and makes piles of the stuff to send to OUAC. This small chore turned into me going through all of EG's belongings, purging what needed to be purged and moving around furniture. I also got a wild hair up my caboose and converted her bed. She's dong REMARKABLY well with the transition. She keeps saying she loves her new big girl bed. In fact her "one great thing" that she said at bedtime was "my bed!" :) We'll be attempting full on potty training here in a couple of months, so we wanted to make sure she was okay with the bed thing in case she needed to go after being put to sleep at night. My little sweet cheeks is growing up. :)