Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're not in Kansas anymore...

... or perhaps Kansas was EXACTLY where we were last night. Rachel here. Last night the girls and I were hiding from tornadoes under our stairs into the wee hours of this morning. (Sexy pic huh? Muahahaha! Let's everyone take a deep breath... the Budweiser boxes are not full... they were at one time, but they are GREAT storage boxes... for realsies.)

Don't worry... Bryan was with us via Skype. Oy Vey! To be perfectly honest, the weather was yucky... we were in the path... and got lucky. In fact Bryan saw WAY MORE ACTION, sadly, than we did... while he was on the computer with us trying to keep me calm. He's a saint. For real. This entire predicament has only spawned more tornado obsession from Reese. Today she only painted pictures of the "spinny tomatoes." I'm not sure if I should feed into this learning opportunity or not... I'm afraid the girl is going to have nightmares and need therapy. Ahhhh... this is the story of our lives. :)


Andria said...

I heard there were storms out east! I'm glad you/ your home was OK....I feel for you....we spend time in our basement each spring. And don't worry about the Bud boxes... during the last tornado warning (our 3rd in one week) I was so blase about it, I just brought a glass of wine down with me and when the kids asked, "Can we take this out? Can we have these back upstairs? Can I open this box??" I was just like, "Sure, go for it" every time! So don't empty all your beer boxes til the season is over. :)