Monday, April 25, 2011

Mother Nature

Rachel here. Tornadoes seem to be running rampant across the U.S. lately... Mother Nature can be so beautiful and yet so brutal. Sadly an area about 30 minutes from us was hit... hard. Coming back from Bryan's parents' house yesterday, we decided to drive through and see how they fared. In general it didn't appear too horrible... there was one area that was just about completely destroyed. Words can not even describe how we were feeling...

Reese was super worried and very confused by what she was seeing. "Why don't those houses have any roofes?" It was really hard to explain without her being scared. She's been asking to watch tornado videos on YouTube since we've gotten home. They're pretty incredible. I've been trying my best to explain to her that the donations we've been making are going to help these people who were hurt and who's homes were hurt in the storms. Hopefully she understands... even just a little bit.