Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring cont.

Rachel here. As promised (I don't know how you've made it through the weekend... baaaaaaaaaaah!), here are the GREAT activities we did both Thursday and Friday last week that went along with our "Spring" theme.


Emma Grace completed a flower/butterfly color match game completely by herself. (Kidsparkz)
Reese worked on 3 of her alphabet drawers. I mixed all the items together in one container, and she was responsible for sorting them on to the correct sandpaper letter.We also did an activity (Kidsparkz) where I would show her a number, and she was responsible for putting that number of cherry blossoms on her tree. Once we did a few different numbers, she had to color, cut, and paste her own cherry blossom tree together. She then had to count how many blossoms there were on the tree and write the number. Reese did GREAT... and it was all done ALL BY HERSELF. Last week Bryan happened to come across this activity in the newspaper... we made "cookies" for the birds! They consist of 2 cups of pancake mix, 1/2 cup of water, mix and cookie cut, bake at 375 for 12 minutes, let cool, frost with peanut butter, and then sprinkle on birdseed... making sure to poke a hole in the cookie to hang... although we've found that just laying them around flat is working better. After nap/quiet time, the girls and I worked on their fairy gardens... an adorable idea from Pink and Green Mama. The top one is Reese's, and the bottom is Emma Grace's... both little fairies are made by me from an idea I found on


Saturday marked the 4 year anniversary of the tragedy at Virginia Tech, so Friday we dressed from head to toe in our favorite colors to show our support/spirit. I can't say it enough... I'm so proud to be an alum, part of this community on a daily basis, and to be raising my two little girls here...While Reese went off to preschool, Emma Grace and I went downtown to take a peek at some "artwork" Reese had on display for the "Week of the Young Child." Grandpa, Pearl, and Gunner were coming to visit so there was lots of "cleaning" going on until Reese arrived home. She had enough time to work on a spring lacing activity before asking me to make her a volcano... and head to a playdate... oy vey.Reese has been earning rewards for trying new things at swimming lessons. The week before last, her request was a volcano to go along with her dinosaur from the week before that. I got to work molding some clay while Reese played on for the sucker to dry all the way, so Reese can paint it and make is ooze. :) This week's theme is Easter, so tonight I'll be busy getting things all set up for my sweets for the week! :)