Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Shelves

Rachel here. Here are some Easter activities the girls did on their shelves this week. I actually had a few more for them, but neither seemed interested. :(

I was attempting to find activities for the girls to do involving the plastic eggs that we seem to have 35,000 of. This was really neat, and I've actually seen it on a number of sites but can't remember which ones in particular. Basically you write a word family on one side, and various letters on the other and spin to read different words. For example... -ig... I can twist one side and read the word p-ig, twist and read r-ig, twist and read, b-ig. Super cute. Easter egg matching (kidsparkz).This was a really cute little matching game I found at our local toy store... each side of the egg matches to make a particular shape on the inside. Reese listening to a bunny story on tape at her listening center.Transferring plastic eggs.This was another cute idea I found somewhere (I really should write these things down)... it's a listening activity. There are 6 pairs of sounds, and the idea is to match them. I used wooden circles, pennies, rice, cotton balls, pencil erasers, and pasta. Reese did AWESOME and was able to match each one correctly!
Matching halved eggs.
Upper/lowercase matching with plastic eggs (and now that I think about it... I think I found most of these egg activities on The Activity Mom).From Counting Coconuts.Playdoh and Easter cookie cutters. Transferring giant chicks.