Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring part 1

Rachel here. I've hopped back on the Montessori Preschool wagon. We were beginning to have too much down time around here, and with summer around the corner... I needed some plans. This week's theme is Spring. I planned on posting all of the activities tomorrow, but there are just too many photos, so I'll do another tomorrow. :) ~ MONDAY I found these adorable nomenclature cards (spring babies) on I believe. Reese had a hard time with these. I had to make my own second copy of the words and used the wrong font... I think it confused her. :( This was a cute book about spring I found at Barnes and Noble... each little spring animal has a blank face with felt pieces to match.

Found this activity on Dear Jesus let it grow grass. I checked on it this morning only to find the wind had blown it over, and I had to fix the entire thing... like starting from scratch. :(
Reese then took it upon herself to water her two little plants. The purple daisies are from trying hard at swimming lessons, and the bean something or other is from preschool . :)
Transferring birdseed.
TUESDAY Emma Grace started the day pouring water... by far her FAVORITE thing to do these days. :) I'd been debating whether or not to get this particular M&D puzzle for what seems like forever. I found it at OUAC for super cheap and jumped on it. Good thing because Reese loves it. You match each side of a vehicle, and when you make the correct match it makes a sound that matches the vehicle. It'll be great practice for Reese being able to do the much harder 3x3 block puzzle... also from M&D. Threading spring colored beads onto pipe cleaners. Reese made 3 bracelets and EG made 1... I was so proud of her! I believe I found this number/object matching activity on They have some really great activities for different themes. Unfortunately a good portion of the links aren't available unless you purchase a membership. :(

WEDNESDAY Flower arranging. Emma Grace is more of a one-in-one-out kind of girl... cracked me up!

Reese was super excited and took this work VERY seriously. She was really excited to see that the vase she made was what she was using. When she saw it she said "this is just like at preschool! Oh! Thank you Mommy!"
Here is an upper/lowercase match I found through Montessori for Learning.
We've been continuing to clean things out of the garage, and Reese found this ice cube tray in one of the "learning" bins. She immediately requested to transfer water. :)
We did a couple of really cute activities this morning... can't wait to share tomorrow!