Sunday, January 31, 2010

Art class

Mommy and I started our art class again last Thursday. This session is GREAT because Ms. Carol already knows me and my antics first of all, and second of all... there are only 3 KIDS in my class this time! Apparently there are 9 in the Tuesday session, but we're just fine with the smaller class. There is even another little baby in the class, so Emma Grace won't feel so left out. :) Our first project was this adorable snowman... Ms. Carol must have known I'm currently IN LOVE with snowmen! The only thing Mommy helped me with was putting the glue on... I'm getting good. Well, minus the whole nose being in the middle of the snowman's chest, and his buttons being down near his feet. :)
We also made this really cool snowflake magnet! I love it! Sadly we don't have art class this week because Ms. Carol will be in a meeting, but we'll be making it up later. I think I'm really going to enjoy class this go round!