Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The last week

Here's what we've been up to the last week... in no particular order. :) Emma Grace is learning to use a sippy cup, and around here we use "learning to use a sippy cup" very loosely. The girl just gnaws on the nipple, but she looks darn cute doing it.

We've been playing A LOT of dress up. Mommy claims this headband is a flower... I insist that it is a dinosaur hat. ;)

I've been an "Alex Little Hands" fool. In one week we created 6 projects. Here are 4 of them. Mommy also enrolled me in my art class again through the Rec Center. I start Thursday morning... we're getting out of the house people (which for the record is because I'm potty training... not because Mommy is about to lose it... we've actually been having a really great time while Daddy has been out of town.)!

Mommy also let us beat some pots and pans the other morning. Don't worry, Emma Grace wasn't actually hitting herself in the face it's just a SWEET action shot. :)
Emma has been putting EVERYTHING in her mouth... everything is always so wet and gooey... yuck... but again... she looks so cute, so we let her get away with it.
I ate my weight in yogurt.
And finally... Emma Grace and Brobee became besties. I love Brobee, but Emma ADORES him. It's very rare that we don't see her practically making out with his face. :)