Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Rachel here. I didn't want to do the typical "Hi I'm Rachel and my New Year's resolution is to lose weight and quit using potty language" post. Fact of the matter is... I'm awful with resolutions... as is 98% percent of the rest of the world. Instead I've decided try to complete one goal per month for my home, my family, and most importantly myself. I say "most importantly" for myself because I haven't had a haircut in well over a year, my heels are uber scaly from lack of a pedicure, and it'd be great if I could remember to brush my teeth each and everyday. So for the month of January... here are my 3 goals:

1. For my home... (the goal here is to completely "makeover" [don't worry Bryan this doesn't mean redecorating... just completing unfinished projects and massive amounts of cleaning] one room at a time) FINALLY reorganize the playroom. CHECK... yes it's been done... I finished today. All of Reese's toys are organized and placed neatly in her playroom. Poor Emma Grace's toys, however, are in lovely baskets in the living room still. Reese has a lot of toys. Heaven help me if anyone buys her anything else. :) I have a little less than 6 months before I even hope to have to think about reorganizing it again as EG will be turning 1, and all toy hell will more than likely break loose.

2. For my family... This is mainly for the girls because Bryan is working an obscene amount of hours the next few months, and we won't be seeing much of him. I vow to only get on the computer while BOTH of my children are napping/down for the night. This is going to be super hard for me because of my blog (how I love documenting my babies' lives), and because this is a huge outlet for me. It lets me know there are in fact other people living outside of my front door despite the fact that I'm constantly stuck inside my home. The weather here is grotesquely cold, and I refuse to step outside unless it is to check the mail in hopes my new necklace from Bryan is chillin' in the mailbox. My children deserve my undivided attention while they are awake, and damnit... I'm going to give it to them. :)

3. For MYSELF... This month will be dedicated to reading. I'd like to say that I read one book a week by the end of the month... and then hopefully it'll continue from there on out. My mom lent me a book while we were there called "Drifting South"... I started it Sunday evening and was done with it last night. It was a great book and I highly recommend it. It felt good to read a whole book that didn't have the alphabet in large print... nor did it have rhyming words. ;) Today I started "The Pilot's Wife"... so far so good.

I really hope I can hold it all together because while there are tons of things about myself/my life that I'd like to change this year... it's important to remember to take baby steps. :)


Carrie said...

"The Pilot's Wife" is good, but I made the mistake of watching the made-for-tv movie of it that appeared on Lifetime. As with all good books, if you want to remember it as good, skip the movie :)