Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Houston Rocker!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Houston!
Houston's Mommy and Daddy have really lovely property that they've had Houston's parties on since he's been having parties, and it's BEAUTIFUL! Mommy loves all the trees and nature... it makes for some really nice photos. (Note to grandparents... if there are photos you like, you can click on them in the posts, right click once they are enlarged and save them!)Okay back to the party... there was tons of yummy food, tons of running around like crazy people, tons of presents to open, and some SUPER yummy cake. :)There was even a large tarp intended to be turned into a giant slip and slide. The kids were having so much fun running around on just the tarp without the suds and bubbles that we decided not to ruin a good thing. :)Thank you Bears for another lovely afternoon!