Thursday, August 18, 2011

No rhyme or reason...

... as in this post has no rhyme or reason to it at all... but since I'm not on facebook anymore, I feel the need to share meaningless things here. Awesome. Rachel here by the way. We've been up to a whole lot of nothing these days, and it sure is nice. By a whole lot of nothing I mean... playing outside, playing with playdoh, painting, taking extra long baths, and watching "Chockie Facky" (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) like it's going out of style. It's been nice to not have to get in the car... really nice. Things have been getting done around the homestead as well... slow and steady. Yesterday I was cleaning out the videos/dvds for the 300th time and decided to see what some of the little tapes (i.e. from the camcorder) were. One of them was tons of footage of baby Reese staring up at me, trying to sit up, and some from her first birthday. I have quite a bit of footage of the girls now from my Kodak, but I hadn't picked it up in a while. I got some funny footage of Emma Grace working on her flashcards with while sitting on the potty. Wouldn't you know I can't get the driver from the camera working on the computer?! Bastards of America! Yeah I just said that. It was the best 4.5 minutes you'd ever spend watching a video that's for sure. Until I can figure out that mess, I'll share some photos from the past week.

IF I were still on facebook, this would be my new profile picture because seriously... could you die right now? Emma Grace is being so cooperative when it comes to photos right now. "Emma Grace can I take you're picture?" "Sure Mommy." I take the picture. "Now me see Mommy! Mommy!" Instant gratification is this girl's motto for sure.
Editor's note... this helmet is nowhere near actually on this child's head. Let's hope this means her brain is extra absorbent... in a good way.Recent mornings routine... wake up, demand pancakes and syrup, go potty, get into undies, eat breakfast for 3.5 seconds, play dress up (hence this ensemble), eat for 2.5 more seconds, demand one of the following "Chockie Facky," "Itty Poppins," or "Chee Bang Bang." This morning... "Tangled"... Reese is Rapunzel because of her "long beautiful hair", Emma Grace is Tinkerbell wearing rain boots... what story doesn't need a fairy, and I'm Mother Gothel... probably because I haven't showered or brushed my teeth. And just in case this post was starting to make too much sense... we have critters. First... I found this praying mantis while pulling weeds the other day. Can you see him? He's brown with green eyes. And yes, I pulled weeds... I may never do it again, since we're on the subject, because now I have an itchy mess on my wrist covered in ointment (isn't that one of the most disgusting words?) and a Barbie band aid. And then we have Billy Murray... our latest resident groundhog. Would it kill the little guy to go eat the weeds? I mean seriously!Up and coming highlights... Reese has her "open house" for dance class Saturday AND preschool starts in 11 days! :)