Sunday, August 7, 2011

Potty Training... DAY 6

Rachel here. Yesterday was another great day in the wonderful world of potty training. EG peed and pooped on the potty 4 times! I was a little worried about yesterday because we were out and about all day. She wore a pull up the entire time and highly enjoyed watching me run to snatch her up each time she said that she had to go. After peeing once at home before we left, she didn't go again until well after lunch time (she fell asleep in the car and went). She also went in her pull up on the way home from SAM's after telling us she needed to go and me thinking she was fibbing. Lesson learned. Once upon returning home though she racked up the extra stickers and had a small pee accident right before bed. Emma Grace even went pee on the potty at SAM'S Club (it was their free pass weekend... we don't have a membership, so we definitely took advantage)! Now if we can just get her to actually go on the potty the first time she tells us and not 5 times before she actually does. This was the situation when we were out to lunch yesterday. We must have visited the Rivermill potty (not a clean child friendly potty by any stretch of the imagination) 6 times... and she never went. Oy. On another note... yesterday we ventured down to Steppin' Out (a local annual crafty festival... loads of fun) to check out this year's merchandise. Each girl had $15 to spend... EG wanted nothing to do with any of it except a free balloon she got from the bank, and Reese picked this little number. Meet Hasher the new family puppy. Hasher is sometimes a boy, and sometimes a girl... mostly a girl. She walks and barks... so intriguing. And I won't lie... she might be a little cute... but just a little. Reese was very concerned yesterday that Hasher would be sleeping in the dark dank corner of her closet... so out came the hot glue gun, cardboard boxes, and scrapbooking paper to the rescue. It was worth it though because Hasher is already housebroken. :)