Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Potty Training... DAY 3

Rachel here. Day 3 began with a full diaper of all kinds of goodness. At least I know she's not refusing to go poop... I'd never forgive myself. I once again filled her little belly with tons of liquids... only to decide to head to the grocery store. Because we've been out of town so much, we're literally eating on random pantry food... I was beginning to have "real food" withdrawal. Emma Grace wore a pull up out and about and kept it dry literally until we were walking up to the front door of the house. She didn't go again until nap time... where she was in another pull up. After nap, she had an accident outside (I forgot to take the potty outside with us... totally my bad), and then she peed on the potty twice. She's super cute when she has to go... "gotta go poo poos (it's always poo poos...)... hurry Mommy... hurry!" She's getting there... slowly but surely. I couldn't be more proud of her. I'm willing to stick with this as much as humanly possible. If we're home, she's naked. We're in town for the next two weeks, so I'm hoping we can get into a solid routine in that time frame. She's so proud of herself when she makes it to the potty... when she doesn't, she says "uh oh Mommy... I poo poos." Tomorrow is another day!On another note... I've seen this idea numerous places but truly fell in love with the idea after our trip to the Portsmouth Children's Museum in early June. They have a grocery store section of the museum where they've collected empty food containers for children to pretend to shop. If only our playroom was bigger! I have big dreams for our new house, and so I've slowly started to collect "fun" containers. Thanks Gma Nita for the "Spic 'n' Span!"
The fun thing about some of these particular items is I was able to fill them... the pasta box has the bow tie pasta and ravioli I made Reese for Christmas last year... she thought this was hilarious.
We also filled the egg carton and "Country Crock" with pretend egg paraphernalia and slabs of wooden butter. I need to figure out how to make a play pantry because seriously... the girls have more kitchen stuff that one family should have... and it's growing! :)