Thursday, August 4, 2011

Potty Training... Day 4

Rachel here. We'll start our potty training tale with the late hours of last night. Emma Grace woke up shortly after I went to bed... "poo poos Mommy!" I raced into her room... she had already gone. No biggie. We changed her diaper, gave her some meds (both girls have fevers), kissed her good night, and put her back to bed. She woke up 3-4 more times to tell me she had to go poo poos. While I love that EG feels the need to wake up and announce to the world of her potty endeavors, she's also learned to use it to her advantage and cry wolf. For example... if she doesn't like her dinner... "I go poo poos Mommy!" Or... when she is in timeout... "I go poo poos Mommy! Hurry!" It's getting old, but I'm trying to stick with her, and the potty now ventures into timeout with her. :) Since she peed last night, she woke up this morning dry... great start to the day.

I once again gave her plenty of milk and watered down juice. I can tell when she needs to go because she starts looking at her business and looking at me. After about two or three times of asking her if she had to go and her saying no, she began to pee a little. I immediately yelled "NOOOOO... HOLD IT!" (not meanly... just excitedly). She IMMEDIATELY stopped, I picked her up, and she finished on the potty... and boy was it a lot. Emma Grace also managed to poop on the potty all by herself. I was doing the dishes, and she came in and told me she had gone. So proud of her.

After nap time she woke up with a wet pull up, and didn't need to go potty again until right before bedtime. She went on the potty, we got her jammies on, I put her to bed, and about 5 minutes later... "poo poos Mommy!" I ran in there, and she had already gone pee in her diaper. We're getting there... slowly... but surely. :)On another note. I fixed the karaoke machine. It had been living in our garage for the last 6 years... having not been used since before we were married. One of the microphones was on the fritz, so I switched the two from their current outlets and voila. Reese rocked out hardcore, and then Emma Grace somehow broke it again. :-/ I can't get the cd portion to work at all... it may be finding a new home at the YMCA after all.On YET ANOTHER note... the apparent gunman situation on campus today gave me a real fright. Bryan called me from work (he happened to be working across the street from campus) and told me they were on lock down. The words lock down makes me shake... literally. I got immediately tense, locked all the doors, and attempted to prepare myself for the worst. I hate that, but it's something I can't help. Not much was found out in the end. Many police departments searched all of campus... top to bottom. They were on lock down for nearly 6 hours, and the "gunman" wasn't spotted. Hopefully a mountain was made out of a mole hill, and thankfully I'll be able to sleep tonight. It's a shame what the world has come to when you're not even safe in your homes... or in a classroom... or even a church for that matter. It just reminds me to continue to teach the girls kindness, love, and awareness... and hope for the best. Oy vey.