Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 months

Rachel here. I can't believe we'll be celebrating my butter bean's birthday in 2 months! Where has the time gone? She is the sweetest most precious little thing... completely different from her sister... yet equally as charming.
Emma Grace is crawling like a crazy person these days, and has even been known to crawl on her hands and feet as opposed to knees. I caught her yesterday trying to climb the stairs... successfully having gone up one. :) Emma is really trying to perfect her pull up. She can successfully pull up to her knees on EVERYTHING, and is really good at pushing up to her feet. Meaning... she'll crawl over to me, push herself up off of my leg and onto her feet and grabbing onto my shoulders (I'm sitting down of course). It's only a matter of time before she's cruising! :)

As far as eating... she's still enjoying 7 meals a day. Four 7oz bottles of 4oz formula and 3 oz breastmilk. We've decided to hold off on the sippy cup drama until she's on whole milk, and just switch everything all at once like we did with Reese. She more than likely won't eat for a couple of days, but it'll work itself out. We bought some jarred foods for her the other day, and I'm working on my last batches of homemade food. Each meal, I've been giving her something she can pick up and eat with her fingers and then baby food after. Some things she loves to eat by herself are bananas (seriously all of the sudden she likes them... try try again!), peas, puffs, yogurt melts, toast, mum mums, green beans, and macaroni noodles.
LOVES: playing screaming games with Reese in the car (dueling banjos style), playing with Reese's toys as opposed to her own, riding in her stroller (as long as it's moving), chasing after her big sister, eating ANYTHING... whether it's edible or not, and having free reign of the house.
LOATHES: sitting still while getting her diaper changed, when Mommy leaves the room, when she can't get into a room due to a baby gate, and the first 1-2 minutes of a car ride.
I am in full party planning mode! Most (if not all) of the decor has been purchased. I still have to make her invitations, but I'm waiting for a nice warm day for a special addition to add to them. ;) There is a variety of food that will need to be ordered, but there is plenty of time for that. Until next month!