Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Music Class

Rachel here. It all started with the insane amount of snow we got this winter. I'll keep this as to the point as I can I promise. :) Basically with the large amount of snow accumulation this winter, the gym roof at Blacksburg High School ended up collapsing back in February (I have some CRAZY photos of this but can't seem to find them). This caused some serious mayhem with scheduling here in the Burg. With limited space in town for a mock school, the town decided that the best way to handle the rest of the school year (BHS has of course been deemed unsafe for entry... let alone finishing out the school year there) was to have the middle school and high school students share the middle school. The middle schoolers are attending school in the morning-early afternoon, and then the high schoolers take over for the remainder of the afternoon-evening. All of their sports practices are now taking place during the day. This is where my story begins.

Yesterday was Reese's first music class. I had heard so many great things about this particular class and was beyond excited we got a spot. We pull up in front of the rec center and see that the BHS track team is stretching in front of the entrance. Reese was super stoked to see the big kids and was not paying full attention to where she was walking. She managed to trip over her own feet and fall down... scraping her knees. There was blood... there were tears. I managed to pick her up and carry both her and Emma Grace into music class... it was very reminiscent of Jennifer Garner a la paparazzi photos with Violet and Seraphina. :) Reese continued to scream and cry... THE ENTIRE MUSIC CLASS. There were moments where she was interested in what was happening, but mostly she cried. Emma Grace, however, was having a blast and a half! Dancing... playing with instruments...I didn't have the heart to leave. I sat Reese in the hallway... she managed to calm down but had no desire to join the class and has since proclaimed she is not going back. Emma G and I ended up hanging out in the doorway participating in class while Reese threw herself a pity party. In her defense though, she was really hurt.

The only photos from our day:

We also got this HYSTERICAL video last night. Sorry for the HORRIBLE quality. Apparently leaving your camera in the glove compartment of your car during insanely hot April days isn't a good thing. Luckily the camera has bounced back and is normal once again. :)


Tim said...

I just have to say that this video is HILARIOUS! I was cracking up watching it. She is too much!! Hope her boo boo heals fast:)
~Heather A.