Monday, April 5, 2010


One good thing about living in Blacksburg... people always back to VT to visit. Those people by default need a place to sleep... this in turn allows us to have friends constantly visiting us... WHICH WE LOVE! This weekend we hosted the Eyes... one of our favorite families! Mommy was super excited because this meant we finally got to meet little SHELBY!
Oh and one of my best buddies Brett came along too. :) He's a good time, and he makes a mean plastic hotdog.

Saturday morning, we all headed out to the annual Blacksburg Easter egg hunt. It was a good time people.

I did fairly well on my loot. For some reason I clam up when it comes time for the main event... but luckily it's Blackburg... land of the hippies... everyone is so calm... it's the kind of place where you play children's sports, but there are no scores... serious lack of aggression. :)

My old friend The Easter Bunny made an appearance, and I practically jumped him.

After the hunt, we headed out to C'burg for some lunch and slide playing at Chick-fil-a.

It was a blast and a half. We had so much fun, the parentals made big time plans for late June... joint family vaca! Holler!