Saturday, April 17, 2010

3 years ago...

4.16.10. 3 years after our community was changed forever. I say community because the school is forever growing, the students are forever changing, but the spirit of the community remains the same. We all came together once again to celebrate the lives of 32 Hokies. While attending many of the activities has been deemed nearly impossible with 2 wee tots, we did manage to make it to campus for the picnic on The Drillfield (Bryan was able to work from home, and took some extra time at lunch to come with us). We were lucky enough to find this AMAZINGLY beautiful tree to enjoy some quality family time.

This is Reese's new cheeseball smile. For the love!

We made our way to the memorial to pay our respects. It's always neat to see the things people leave behind...
The university also made an addition to the memorial... these beautiful benches in honor of the survivors. They were dedicated the day prior to the anniversary.

Reese made sure to model their use for the world. :)

While we were making our way to the memorial, we were stopped by a local reporter. Mommy must have a sign written across her forehead because this is not the first time she's been interviewed in relation to 4.16.07. Mommy does a whole lot of choking up, but we thought it was a lovely piece nonetheless, AND I make my television debut!

Bryan and I were students before this tragedy, and now we're residents after the tragedy. Blacksburg is our home, and the home of our children... while they will never remember what happened, we'll be damned if they ever forget about it. We will always live for 32.