Monday, April 26, 2010

Sicky Sickerson

Hey y'all! Emma Grace here. I'm sick. Good times. Mommy took me to the pediatrician this morning because I've had a heinous cough since last Wednesday, and the tip of my nose is bleeding from her wiping the snot off of my face so much. Luckily my lungs sounded great, my ears were perfect... no signs of infection, and my throat was clear clear clear. The ruling... allergies. :( Claritin is going to be my good friend for the next couple of weeks. This little visit was super great though because I got to have an official weigh in. I'm a whopping 19 lbs... whoop whoop! I'm definitely on track to be turned around in my carseat just in time for all of our wild and crazy roadtrips that are coming up.

Here are some other new things we're up to... besides trying to climb the stairs, I can pull myself up on ANYTHING...

Reese doesn't like my new found ability one bit. She almost had a coronary when I learned to crawl. Now her life is in shambles, and she spends most of the time yelling at me from the couch... her throne.

Daddy also put my big girl carseat in Mommy's car, which is beyond exciting. We'll be venturing to Florida, Iowa, and Pennsylvania all in the month of June, so I'll need to be super comfortable. :)
And last but not least, Mommy converted our Sit-n-Stand for Reese. Now instead of our double stroller, it's a tandem, so she can have more freedom. Mommy is excited though because it seems to have opened up loads of room for shopping bags. :)