Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Before the rain

Yesterday Mommy took us to the Nellie's Cave park for a little while before it was supposed to rain. I was in dire need of a slide, and Mommy hates the baby swings at the park across the street from our house. Emma Grace and I LOVE to swing. We're swinging fools. In fact... I didn't even want to slide once I got in the swing.

After about 30 minutes of swinging, Mommy's arms were about to fall off, so she voted for a nature walk before returning home. She wanted to find some big sticks, so we set off.

We eventually arrived at a small little quiet area where there were benches, GIGANTIC rocks, and some really pretty flowers. It provided the perfect place for Emma Grace and I to do some more exploring. Emma mainly played in the dirt.

I ran around like a chicken with head cut off... or a 2.5 year old... whichever you prefer. :) There were so many neat things to touch!

Emma Grace branched out and also played with sticks. Here she is trying to use her voodoo mind spells on Mommy.

Eventually we had to head home because of the rain. Now back to the sticks. Mommy got this idea from the crafting blog to the right over there. Daddy bought Mommy half of a whiskey barrel for their 5 year wedding anniversary (traditional gift is something wooden) with the intention of making a sweet little garden together. The thought was there, but the energy and follow through weren't... not to mention the surprise trip to Iowa and birth of our Emma Grace. This worked out though because I'm super interested in gardening right now, so Mommy and Daddy bought me my own little Oscar the Grouch tools from Lowe's, and we're determined to make a garden for my green beans. Okay... anywho... so one of the crafts on the site is painting sticks to make a stick garden. The finishing product is really beautiful, so Mommy and I began working today on my very special stick garden to add to my green bean garden. :) We're also going to be working on my own sign!