Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sicky Sickerson pt 2

Rachel here. Okay, so this post has absolutely nothing to do with the clear snot that is pouring from my youngest's nose. It has to do with my obsession which has quickly turned into an addiction with Etsy... SICK I TELL YOU! I couldn't help but order the 3 following items for my girls for our trip to Disney World. Because seriously... the trip would not be nearly as fun without hot accessories! :) I ordered the top and bottom barrettes in this first picture. CUTE RIGHT?
Then for my Reesie: (A friend just returned from Disney World and bought a pair of these for her little girl from the Disney Property. Sadly it's a property we won't be going to, and I was in dire straits. Luckily someone makes them... and all was right with the world.)

Then for my little Emma Grace... TO DIE FOR:
I've also gone ahead and purchased 2 AMAZINGLYWONDERFUL items, but I'll wait to disclose those until they arrive. :) Over there to the right I've started a list of some of our favorite shops... take a peek... but beware... you may become an "i want my child to be adorable" fiend.